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A person commits the crime of first-degree criminal trespass if such person (a) knowingly and unlawfully enters or remains in a dwelling of another; or (b) enters any motor vehicle with intent to commit a crime therein.

While some criminal trespassing can be considered minor petty or misdemeanor offenses, some instances of trespassing can also be charged as a felony.

The penalties for trespassing depend on the degree of trespass charged. 

First-Degree Criminal Trespass Penalties

In Colorado, first-degree trespass is usually charged as a class 1 misdemeanor. A conviction is punishable by up to 364 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000 or both.  

However, if trespassing occurs in an occupied dwelling, it becomes a class 6 felony. A conviction will then be punishable by up to 18 months in prison, and/or fines of minimum $1,000, up to a maximum of $100,000 or both.

Second-Degree Criminal Trespass

Second-degree criminal trespass can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances.

Trespassing in a motor vehicle is generally a class 2 misdemeanor in Colorado. A conviction is punishable by up to 120 days in jail, and/or a fine of up to $750 or both. 

Trespassing on agricultural land with the intent to commit a felony is considered a class 4 felony. A conviction is punishable by up to 2-6 years in prison, and/or a minimum fine of $2,000 and up to $500,000 or both. 

If the crime does not fall into either of the two categories above (i.e., motor vehicle or agricultural land), second-degree criminal trespass is generally charged as a petty offense punishable by up to 10 days in jail, and/or up to $300 in fines or both. 

Third-Degree Criminal Trespass

Under Colorado law, third-degree criminal trespass is typically a petty offense. A conviction is still punishable by up to 10 days in jail, and/or up to $300 in fines or both.

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